MS Implant Dentistry

Master of Surgery in Implant Dentistry Program in Association with Istituto Stomatologico Toscano and Unicamillus International Medical University, Italy

Duration - 1 year


Module 1: (Online)
Introducing Modern Implantology
  • Introduction To The Master Course
  • Biology Of Alveolar Healing
  • Biology Of Osseointegration
Live Surgery And Case Discussion

Dental Imaging & Oral Treatment Planning
  • Radiology & Oral Diagnosis
  • Dental Imaging Diagnostic And 3d Devices
  • Maxillary & Mandibular Anatomy
  • Computer Assisted Implant Placement Planning
  • Surgical Techniques For Implant Placement
  • Ist Stage Surgery For Submerged Implants
Before Implant Placement, Minimally Invasive Extraction
  • Surgical Techniques For Minimally Invasive Extraction
  • Piezo-Surgery For Dental Extraction
Dental Documentation In Oral Surgery
  • Guidelines For Drafting The Final Thesis
  • Dental Photography And Cases Documentation
  • How To Prepare A Keynote/Power Point Presentation On Clinical Cases
Implant Plastic Surgery
  • Implant Plastic Surgery
  • The Connective Tissue Grafts In Soft Tissue Management

Module 2: (Onsite-At Cochin Implant Institute and online with Unicamillus)
  • Introduction To Implantology
  • Basic Surgical Aspects Of Implantology
  • Hard And Soft Tissue Augmentation Techniques In Implantology
  • Tilted Implants All On 4/6, Zygoma And Pterygoid
  • Complete Implant Prosthodontics (Impression Techniques - Jaw Relation - Face Bow Transfer - Implant Occlusion)

Module 3: (Online)
Immediate Implants
  • Healing Of Post Extraction Sites
  • Immediate Implants
Sinus Lift: Tips And Tricks
  • Step By Step Surgical Technique: Mini Sinus Lift
  • Step By Surgical Technique: Major Sinus Lift
Lateral Sinus Lift Techniques
  • Indications And Contraindications
  • Tips And Tricks In Everyday Clinic
  • The Sinus Lift: Vestibular Approach
  • The Sinus Lift: Complications
  • Live Surgery And Discussion of the Live Surgery Performed
Introducing Sinus Elevation Procedures
  • Anatomy And Physiology Of Maxillary Sinus
  • Maxillary Sinus Imaging
  • Seminar On "Suturing Techniques."
  • Prevention And Treatment Of Complications
  • Lights And Shadows On Sinus Surgery For Implant Purposes
Immediate Loading
  • Immediate Loading: Concepts
  • Immediate Loading: Implant Stabilization
Implants Soft Tissues Integration
  • Biology Of Peri-Implant Soft Tissue
  • Non Submerged Implants: Surgical Techniques
  • 2nd Stage Surgical Techniques
Crestal Sinus Lift Tecniques And Alternatives
  • The Sinus Lift: Crestal Approach
  • Magnetic Mallet And Sinus Lift
  • Surgical Techniques In Crestal Approach
  • Alternative Implants To Sinus Elevation

Module 4: (Online)
Classification And Choice Of Implant Prosthetic Components
  • Mono, Multi And Total Edentulous Approach
Atrophic Jaws Rehabilitation Using Tilted Implants

  • Clinical Implant Prosthesis Procedures
  • The Knowledge Of The Dental Technician In Implant Prosthesis
  • Seminar On "Mini Sinus Lift" And Magnetic Mallet
  • Implant Prosthesis In The Esthetic Area
Computer Assisted Implantology
  • Basic Of Digital Implantology
  • Computer Guided Surgery: The Real Guide Software By 3Diemme
  • The Computerized Implant Placement Planning
  • Computer Guided Implant Placement And Prosthetic Reconstruction
Immediate Loading Peri-Implantitis & Oral Care
  • Dental Hygiene And Implant Dentistry
  • The Hygienic Preparation Of The Candidate For Implants
  • Implants Maintenance And Follow-Up
  • Peri-Implant Pathologies
  • Perimplantitis: Prevention And Treatment
  • Live Surgery And Case Discussion
  • Legal Considerations In Implant Dentistry

Module 5: (Onsite-At Rome, Unicamillus)
Bone Reconstruction Techniques
  • Bone Regeneration And Reconstruction Principles
  • Autologous Bone & Biomaterials
  • Modified Surgical Techniques With Magnetic Mallet
  • Aesthetic Implications Of Implantology
  • Bone Reconstruction Techniques
  • Hands-On "Bone Distraction Techniques"
  • Bone Regeneration Techniques With Membrane
  • Hands-On Membrane Positioning
Final Thesis Presentations
Lectio Magistralis Of International Lecturer & Diploma Ceremony
The online module lessons will take place in webinar mode on the zoom platform. The participant needs to download the free version of zoom in order to follow the lessons with a personal account (name and surname) so that we can assess the attendance.

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